Michigan Teaching Degrees & Programs

As is the case with most states, Michigan requires teachers have at least a bachelor's degree in an educational field or a non-teaching bachelor degree and complete an accredited teacher preparation certification program. Michigan offers a 6-year provisional education certificate and a 5-year professional education certificate.

Teachers must complete 18 credit hours of coursework to advance from the provisional to the professional certificate. Beginning teachers must be in a mentorship program for their first three years of teaching. Below is a list of some teaching programs offered at some of the top colleges and universities in Michigan.

The state of Michigan has a number of teacher certification degree programs, including alternative secondary certification programs with the integrated science emphasis or the social studies emphasis. These two programs are for students that already hold bachelor degrees. Additionally, there are teacher certification programs at universities at both the elementary and secondary education levels with a many minors offered such as German, French, English, chemistry and mathematics to name a few. Minors in middle level education and reading in the elementary grades are also offered as additional endorsements at some universities. There are also a number of graduate certificates in superintendent of schools and supervisor of instruction.

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

Earn your Master of Arts in Teaching and teaching credential online from top-ranked USC Rossier School of Education. A Bachelor’s degree is required to apply.

Earn a master's in educational leadership online from the University of Dayton's top-ranked online education program. No GRE required to apply.

School Spotlight on Michigan Teaching Degrees

Andrews University’s education department offers bachelor degree programs in both elementary and secondary education bachelor degree programs. A typical elementary education program would consist of general education courses, professional education courses, and a planned program minor, which is a group of courses required by the state of Michigan. These 4-year programs prepare students to teach either elementary students 1-6 or secondary students 7-12. Students can also take minors in certain subject areas.

The College of Education & Human Services at Central Michigan University offers bachelor degree programs in both elementary and secondary education. Eastern Michigan University has both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts programs in elementary education with choices of minors in integrated science, early childhood education, reading and social studies.

BA programs generally have more liberal arts courses, don’t offer as many specializations and have fewer technical courses than BS programs. Students pursuing initial certification as early childhood, secondary or elementary education teachers can find what at Lake Superior State University, which offers bachelor degree programs in both fields as well as certification programs in specific subject areas.

Andrews University also offers Master of Arts in Teaching with specializations in elementary education or secondary education. Students can also choose a different secondary area such as English, biology, English as a Second Language or history. Central Michigan University offers master degree programs in school principalship; teacher leadership; counseling; educational technology, reading; literacy and education with emphasis in five different areas.

Master degree programs generally require a thesis, senior project and clinical education along with the graduate courses. Various master degree programs can be found at Eastern Michigan University, including both Master of Teaching and Master of Arts with concentrations in curriculum and instruction; educational leadership; educational psychology; and urban/diversity education. The M.A.T. programs allow students to focus on specific subjects like chemistry, biology, mathematics or physics.

Online Teaching Degrees in Michigan

Andrews University offers online master degrees in curriculum and instruction; educational leadership; higher education administration; and leadership, job embedded design. Various individual courses are also offered online through Andrews. Central Michigan University offers online master degrees in education, educational leadership, educational technology, and reading and literacy.

Online teacher programs in educational psychology; educational media and technology; educational leadership K-12 administration; and educational assessment are offered at Eastern Michigan University. Various online teaching programs can also be found at Michigan State University.